Axial/Radial Bearings With Integral Measuring System

Axial/radial bearings with integral measuring system comprise:

  • an axial/radial bearing YRTM with a dimensional scale and
  • a MEKO/U electronic measuring system. The electronic measuring system contains two measuring heads, a set of shims and an electronic evaluation system.

Bearings of series YRTM correspond in mechanical terms to axial/radial bearings YRT but are additionally fitted with a magnetic dimensional scale. The measuring system can measure angles to an accuracy of a few angular seconds by non-contact, magneto-resistive means.

Advantages of the angular measuring system

The measuring system

  • operates by non-contact means and is therefore not subject to wear
  • carries out measurement irrespective of tilting and position
  • has an automatically self-adjusting electronic system
  • has a self-centring function
  • is unaffected by lubricants
  • is easy to fit and the measuring heads are easily adjusted
  • there is no need for alignment of the bearing and a separate measuring system
  • requires no additional parts
    – the dimensional scale and measuring heads are integrated in the bearing and adjacent construction respectively
    – the resulting space saved can be used for the machining area of the machine
  • does not give any problems relating to supply cables. The cables can be laid within the adjacent construction directly through the large bearing bore
  • gives savings on design envelope size and costs due to the compact, integrated design requiring fewer components.

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