Cylindrical Roller Bearings With Snap Ring Grooves

Cylindrical roller bearings with snap ring grooves are full complement, self-retaining units comprising solid inner and outer rings, rib-guided cylindrical rollers and sealing rings.The outer rings have grooves for retaining rings. The inner rings are axially split, 1 mm wider than the outer rings and are held together by a steel strip that is rolled into place.

Locating bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings with snap ring grooves are locating bearings. These bearings are highly rigid and can support axial forces in both directions as well as high radial forces.Due to the full complement design of these bearings, they have the largest possible number of rolling elements and thus extremely high basic dynamic and static load ratings. Due to their kinematic conditions, however, they cannot achieve the high speeds that are possible when using cylindrical roller bearings with cage.

Bearings for cable sheaves

Due to the grooves in the outer ring, the bearing rings can be axially located with ease. The bearings are therefore very suitable in bearing arrangements for cable sheaves.

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