Housing and bearing units have successfully been used in machinery, installations and equipment. Selection from the wide spectrum of types and sizes manufactured. If other housing types or design variations are required, we should be consulted. Bearing housings are usually made of greycast iron. Housings of cast steel and spheroidal cast iron are available on request. As the bearings are usually lubricated with grease, and the initial grease fill will last for a long time, most housings can do without lubricating holes. They featurecast-on flat bosses or markings allowing lubricating holes to be drilled if needed. In the case of relubrication, escape of the surplus grease must be ensured.As a rule, the bearing seats in the housings are machined in such a way that the bearings can be displaced, i.e. they are of the floating type. Locating bearing mountings are obtained by inserting the locating rings listed in the tables. Locating rings have to be indicated separately in the order. Housings without locating rings are supplied either as floating bearing housings or as locating bearing housings. All outer surfaces which are not machined are provided with a universal coat of paint. The coat of paint can be finished with all synthetic resin, polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy resin, chorine rubber, cellulose and acid-hardening hammer dimple enamels. Depending on the operating conditions, the bearing housings can be sealed with rubbing seals, non-rubbing seals, and combinations of both, see illustrations below

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